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NitraMar® Manganese Nitrate Solution

Liquid manganese nitrate fertilizer

NitraMar® products are nitrate-based liquid micronutrient solutions formulated to treat specific mineral deficiencies in vegetable crops, field crops, trees, vines, turf and ornamentals. A foliar application of NitraMar® solutions, combined with a solid fertility program, helps meet a crop’s complete nutritional needs.

NitraMar® Manganese Nitrate Solution is an effective, readily available source of liquid manganese. It can be blended with other bulk fertilizers to customize a fertility program that meets a crop’s nutritional requirements.

  • Contains 7% nitrogen and 15% manganese
  • True solution formulation that contains nitrate-nitrogen
  • Convenient and flexible for foliar, soil or irrigation applications
  • Soluble, plant-available formulation of manganese and nitrogen
  • Low pH nutrient formulation suitable for high pH soils

Packaging Options
Available in 5-gallon pails, 275-gallon totes and bulk volumes.

Product Type
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Crop Nutrition
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Application Details

NitraMar® Manganese Nitrate Solution may be applied pre-plant as a starter, side-dressed, fertigated, top-dressed or banded to the soil. It can also be applied as a foliar spray and is compatible with most water sprays, pesticides and liquid fertilizers except for phosphate-containing fertilizers.

Nutrient Function

Nitrogen Icon
Nitrogen is the main plant protein component and is needed in large quantities for healthy plant growth. Nitrogen deficiency can lead to root disease, reduced photosynthesis, stunted plants and reduced crop yield, while sufficient nitrogen can increase tolerance to early-season soil diseases.
Manganese Icon
Manganese is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, oxygen evolution and the activation of fat-forming enzymes. It is also a building block for ribosomes that are key for protein synthesis and nitrogen use in the plant. Adequate manganese levels can help prevent root diseases.
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