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Crop nutrition,
first and foremost.

At Mar Vista, we make innovative crop nutrition and protection products to optimize agronomic performance.

Crop Nutrition Products

Mar Vista Resources offers a comprehensive crop nutrition product portfolio, including solutions suited for conventional and organic crop production. Our proprietary products are backed by innovative formulation technologies, rigorous testing and practical experience to support consistent and reliable in-field performance. As an independent supplier, we have the agility to react quickly to meet customer and market needs.

BlueTerra is Mar Vista’s line of innovative crop nutrition products for conventional crop production. The comprehensive portfolio includes adjuvants, liquid fertilizers, foliar nutrients, water-soluble nutrients, dry fertilizers, micronutrients, oil formulations and more.

GreenFurrow is Mar Vista’s crop nutrition and protection product portfolio formulated for organic crop production. The portfolio includes insecticides, nematicides, miticides, fungicides, organic nutrients, micronutrients and more. Although GreenFurrow products are certified for organic production, they also deliver strong performance for conventional production.

Our Technology

Mar Vista’s technical team includes experts in agronomy, process engineering and product chemistry formulation. Our research and development capabilities allow us the flexibility to innovate customized crop nutrition solutions for nearly any crop production application. We test our products at our in-house analytical lab and in diverse field environments to ensure consistent, reliable product performance.

Custom Services

Mar Vista Resources offers a variety of high-quality and cost-effective product manufacturing and logistics services, including product development, formulation, bottling, packaging, warehousing and shipping and regulatory support. We have a proven track record for developing custom formulations safely and efficiently to meet unique agricultural and industrial use needs.

Lab Services

Mar Vista Resources provides analytical and developmental lab services for formulating and testing fertilizer products. We also offer testing services to assess irrigation water quality. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers accurate, reliable and cost-effective analysis to support product development objectives and validate performance in the field.

About Us

Crop nutrition is Mar Vista’s number one priority. Whether it’s our innovative products and plant health technology, our high-quality manufacturing and logistics capability, or our accessible expertise — we focus on delivering customized solutions to optimize agronomic performance as effectively and efficiently as possible. Because we put crop nutrition first and foremost, it’s at the heart of every decision we make. Our state-of-the-art facilities, technical expertise and global partnerships have helped make us a leader in crop nutrition and industrial chemical manufacturing.

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