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Lab Services

Mar Vista’s comprehensive lab services set us apart from other manufacturers. We’re proud to be an industry leader in providing the most accurate developmental and analytical testing for a variety of fertilizer products. Our broad service offerings range from elemental analysis to personalized product development consultations.

Our sophisticated analytical equipment, including an Agilent 5100 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emissions Spectrometer (ICP-OES) and an Elementar Vario MAX Cube (total carbon and nitrogen analyzer), enables us to deliver timely, reliable test results to support product development pipelines.

Every product batch produced at Mar Vista Resources is rigorously tested to meet our high-quality standards and ensure consistent product performance for our customers. We follow EPA-certified protocols to standardize our processes and validate our test results. In addition to in-house testing, we offer cost-effective analysis of customer-submitted samples along with diagnostic services.


Custom Formulation

Mar Vista’s adjuvant and nutrient formulation services include reaction and solutioning capabilities, along with the option to provide or outsource raw material procurement for production. Our expert team can assist with new product formulation, development and testing. We offer innovative formulation technologies to optimize agronomic performance in the field by improving nutrient uptake and utilization. No matter your crop nutrition product need, our on-staff scientists and formulation experts can assist you in developing cost-effective solutions that deliver consistent results.

Quality Assurance

Mar Vista Resources prides itself on delivering the highest quality agricultural and industrial use products. We follow strict manufacturing protocols, and each product batch we produce is quality-tested at our in-house analytical lab. Our scientists and engineers collaborate to ensure a streamlined production process that delivers consistency between each product batch we make.

Decision Support

Mar Vista’s deep crop nutrition and manufacturing expertise, lab capabilities, and partnerships allow us to consistently deliver customized solutions for our customers. We are a one-stop service provider that can support the entire product development pipeline from initial product development conversations to final product development, distribution and marketing.

Our on-site chemist can provide guidance with custom fertilizer formulations, batch troubleshooting, compatibility inquiries and new product development perspectives. We also have an in-house sales and marketing department that can support our customers in reaching necessary markets to create value for end-users.

Testing and Diagnostics

Our full-service analytical laboratory offers a variety of specialized testing services for crop nutrition products.

Download our lab and test kit request forms.

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