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Built on Trust, Fueled by Science

Mar Vista Resources has a long history of delivering safe and effective crop nutrition products, and we’ve got some longstanding relationships to back that up. Our business is built on trust, and we work hard every day to uphold that promise. To deliver industry-leading products, we continue to be the forward-thinkers we’ve always been. We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today to develop solutions that keep up with tomorrow’s biggest production challenges.

Meet Our Team

Mar Vista Resources has a dedicated, solutions-driven team. Our strong partnerships are the foundation of our business, and our mission is to deliver reliable, value-added service to our customers. Meet the Mar Vista team.

John Davis
Northwest Sales Manager

c: (707) 486-6343

Kacey Bettencourt
Warehouse & Logistics Manager

c: (559) 852-1469

Amanda Bandini
Procurement Manager

c: (559) 309-8330

Joseph Torres
Production Manager

c: (559) 415-5456

Pamela Rinaldi
Accounting Technician

o: (559) 992-4535

Pat Freitas
Director of Facilities and Safety

c: (559) 805-8318

Gregory Beecher
Laboratory Manager

c: (559) 556-5055

Jillian Schneider
Warehouse Assistant

o: (559) 992-4536

Doreen Smith

c: (559) 631-3440

Pete Lain
Director of Sales & Marketing

c: (559) 707-0618

Our Roots Run Deep

From day one, Mar Vista Resources has been laser-focused on delivering the highest-quality crop nutrition products and backing those products with unsurpassed customer service. Our location in the Central Valley puts us in one of the world’s most vital and productive agricultural ecosystems. We are passionate about creating and making products that create value for ag retailers and growers across this region and the entire West Coast. We’re proud to partner with Aligned Ag Distributors to deliver custom formulations that support independent ag retailers.

Our Technology

Today’s crop’s face an ever-growing list of biotic and abiotic stresses that can limit yield and quality potential. Mar Vista’s innovative crop nutrition product portfolio relies on proven, science-backed technologies that support healthy crops from planting through harvest. We are continuously innovating to create new solutions that meet the evolving agronomic needs of our customers. We strive to deliver products that improve nutrient use efficiency to meet crop needs with fewer input requirements. Our products are compatible with both conventional and organic production practices and can easily be incorporated into most fertility programs.

We continue to expand our field testing capabilities to deliver the newest crop nutrition technologies. If you’re interested in partnering with Mar Vista Resources to conduct in-field performance testing, contact us.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our facilities, conveniently located in Corcoran, California, feature specialized manufacturing equipment to ensure reliable, consistent and high-quality production. We continue to invest in the technology, tools and equipment to meet evolving industry needs.

Mar Vista’s nearly 200,000 square feet warehouse stores raw materials and finished products sold into crop nutrients, animal feed and industrial use markets.

Our 15,000 square-foot liquid filling and packaging facility enables us to formulate and fill a variety of container sizes to meet our customers’ unique agriculture chemical manufacturing needs.

We operate an on-site developmental and analytical lab with specialized equipment to support the formulation and testing of a variety of fertilizer products.

Mar Vista Resources facilities include chemical manufacturing equipment specifically designed for ag and industrial use markets, including nutrient digesters, multiple blenders, water treatment, bulk liquid storage, too-small liquid bottling and packaging lines.

Mar Vista manufactures specialty fertilizer for distribution through trusted ag retailers who prioritize working with customers on every acre.

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