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GreenFurrow® Organics Manganese 6%

Gluconic acid complexed liquid manganese and sulfur fertilizer

GreenFurrow® Organics Manganese 6% has been specifically formulated to prevent and correct manganese and sulfur deficiencies. It is a completely water-soluble aqueous solution.

  • Contains 6% manganese and 3% sulfur
  • Gluconic acid complexed manganese
  • Easily absorbed and transported by plants
  • Low pH formulation
  • Clear formulations with no undissolved solids
  • OMRI Listed®

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 275-gallon totes and bulk truckloads.

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Crop Nutrition
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Enhanced Products
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Application Details

GreenFurrow® Organics Manganese 6% may be applied alone, with pesticides, or with other fertilizers to the soil or foliage using ground sprayers, aircraft and fertigation systems.

Nutrient Function

Sulfur Icon
Sulfur is critical for forming plant proteins, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. Sulfate is the plant-available form of sulfur and can be immediately taken up by plants. When applied via a foliar spray, sulfur can be used for pH correction in the soil and as a fungicide.
Manganese Icon
Manganese is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, oxygen evolution and the activation of fat-forming enzymes. It is also a building block for ribosomes that are key for protein synthesis and nitrogen use in the plant. Adequate manganese levels can help prevent root diseases.
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