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VistaSpray™ 470 Spray Oil

Petroleum spray oil for pest management

VistaSpray™ 470 Spray Oil is a high-quality oil formulation for insect, mite control, and disease management and is labeled for use on stone fruits, nut crops, pome fruits, citrus, vine crops, tropical fruits and ornamentals.

  • High-quality emulsions with low USR content
  • Available in bulk quantities

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 5-gallon jugs, 275-gallon totes and bulk volumes.

Product Type
Adjuvant and Oils Icon
Adjuvant and Oils
Crop Protection Icon
Crop Protection
Application Type
Foliar Icon
Product Line
BlueTerra Icon

Application Details

VistaSpray™ 470 Spray Oil can be applied by aerial or ground spray.

Nutrient Function

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