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Crop Oil

Penetrant and spreader surfactant 

Crop Oil is a premium oil surfactant that improves leaf cuticle penetration and the crop activity of post-emergent herbicides. Its formulation includes a combination of surfactants and superior paraffinic oil to optimize product performance, delivering more uniform wetting and distribution of herbicide active ingredients. Crop Oil also improves pesticide retention under adverse weather conditions.

  • Premium multi-component oil and surfactant system
  • High-quality, fertilizer-compatible emulsifier stabilizes spray tank solutions
  • Increases herbicide activity and leaf cuticle penetration
  • Easy to use, non-foaming formulation allows easy mixing of chemicals and complete spray tank cleanout
  • Can be applied by ground or air

Packaging Options
Available in 1-gallon jugs, 2.5-gallon jugs, 5-gallon jugs, 275-gallon totes and bulk volumes.

Product Type
Adjuvant and Oils Icon
Adjuvant and Oils
Application Type
Foliar Icon

Application Details

Crop Oil can be used with wettable powder, emulsifiable concentrate or solution formulations of most pesticides. Always follow the pesticide label regarding adjuvant use.

Nutrient Function

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