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FertiDrip® 0-0-25

Low salt index liquid potassium carbonate fertilizer

FertiDrip® liquid fertilizers are formulated to prevent nutrient precipitation in irrigation water and improve nutrient uptake and use by the plant.

FertiDrip® 0-0-25 provides potassium in the potassium carbonate form. This low salt index formulation improves soil and water health and cation exchange capacity. FertiDrip® 0-0-25 can be used as a standalone product or as part of a prescription blend to complete the plant nutrition program. It is formulated with Mar Vista Resources’ innovative Nutri-Drive® technology to improve nutrient use efficiency and mobility within the plant.

  • Formulated for compatibility with high bicarbonate irrigation water
  • Contains an anti-flocculation compound to prevent nutrient precipitation
  • Can be used through drip irrigation systems without clogging emitters

Packaging Options
Available in 275-gallon totes and bulk volumes.

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Crop Nutrition
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Application Details

FertiDrip® 0-0-25 is a soil-applied fertilizer for use in all drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems. It can be used for all crops and is compatible with all irrigation water.

Nutrient Function

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Potassium is critical for cell wall water balance regulation and sugar production and transportation within the plant. Adequate potassium levels support pest and disease tolerance by enhancing stem strength.
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