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FertiClear® 0-0-30

Low salt index potassium carbonate liquid fertilizer

FertiClear® 0-0-30 is a high potassium analysis, true solution liquid fertilizer that maximizes plant nutrient solubility and safety.

  • Contains 3.5 pounds of potassium per gallon
  • Low salt index, nutrient safe in soil and on crop roots
  • Can be applied through irrigation systems

Packaging Options
Available in 5-gallon pails, 275-gallon totes or bulk volumes.

Product Type
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Crop Nutrition
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Product Line
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Application Details

FertiClear® 0-0-30 fertilizer may be applied at planting, as a starter, side-dressed, or fertigated via drip and micro-sprinkler systems to the soil. It can also be applied via foliar application by air or ground spray.

Nutrient Function

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Potassium is critical for cell wall water balance regulation and sugar production and transportation within the plant. Adequate potassium levels support pest and disease tolerance by enhancing stem strength.
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