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FertiClear® Liquid Calcium 12%

Low salt index calcium chloride liquid fertilizer

FertiClear® Liquid Calcium 12% is a soil-applied calcium chloride liquid fertilizer. Pre-harvest applications of FertiClear® Liquid Calcium 12% can help delay aging, reduce post-harvest crop decay and improve crop firmness.

  • Derived from calcium chloride
  • Increases nitrogen uptake efficiency
  • Fully soluble calcium
  • Improves water penetration in soil
  • Helps prevent the buildup of harmful sodium salts
  • Helps increase water penetration in “tight” soils

Packaging Options
Available in 275-gallon totes or bulk volumes.

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Crop Nutrition
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Application Details

FertiClear® Liquid Calcium 12% fertilizer may be applied fertigated or side-dressed to the soil.

Nutrient Function

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Calcium is essential for strong cell walls within a plant, which discourages nutrient leaching. The nutrient also helps delay senescence in leaves and fruit to retain fruit. Calcium availability will depend on healthy interactions with magnesium, potassium and ammonium levels in the soil. Boron can also help the plant uptake and translocate calcium.
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