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Double L®

Spreader, activator and buffer

Double L is a nonionic surfactant and buffer blend to enhance crop nutrition and protection spray performance. It helps buffer hard water cations while adding the spreading capabilities of a nonionic surfactant in one convenient product.

  • 80% nonionic surfactant, 8% active as a buffer
  • Formulated to enhance spray coverage and buffer spray tank water
  • Reduces leaf surface tension
  • Assists with uptake and translocation of nutrients and crop protection products
  • Provides wetting and pH adjustment with non-foaming properties

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs.

Product Type
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Adjuvant and Oils
Application Type
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Product Line
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Application Details

Double L may be used for dilute or concentrate spraying. It should be added to the spray tank before any other active ingredients.

Nutrient Function

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