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Herbicide activator and water-conditioning spray adjuvant

Ember is an herbicide activator and water-conditioning spray adjuvant specifically formulated to enhance the performance of glyphosate and other weak acid herbicides, including glufosinate, 2,4-D, dicamba and paraquat. It contains a premium, proprietary water-conditioning system and surfactant blend that helps prevent weak acid pesticides from hard-water tie-ups.

  • 1–2 quarts of Ember replace AMS and nonionic surfactants, with better efficacy
  • Promotes more uniform spray coverage
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Performs under environmental extremes
  • Ideal for low-volume spray applications
  • Does not increase dicamba volatility
  • Reduces bicarbonates in the spray water

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs.

Product Type
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Adjuvant and Oils
Application Type
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Product Line
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Application Details

Treat spray water with Ember before adding active ingredients to the spray solution and adjust the application rate based on water hardness. See label for recommended rates.

Nutrient Function

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