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Power-Line Zinc Granular

Granular zinc sulfate fertilizer

Power-Line Zinc Granular is a granular zinc sulfate fertilizer that prevents and corrects zinc and sulfur deficiencies in a variety of agronomic crops and ornamental plants. (Two Rivers Terminal)

  • Contains 35% zinc and 17% sulfur
  • Economical fertilizer option
  • Soluble granular, low heavy-metals formulation

Packaging Options
Available in 50-pound bags.

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Crop Nutrition
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Application Details

Nutrient Function

Sulfur Icon
Sulfur is critical for forming plant proteins, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. Sulfate is the plant-available form of sulfur and can be immediately taken up by plants. When applied via a foliar spray, sulfur can be used for pH correction in the soil and as a fungicide.
Zinc Icon
Zinc helps facilitate enzyme function for protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism in the plant. It is essential for chloroplast formation and auxin metabolism. Auxins are plant hormones that help regulate growth and development, including cell division and flower initiation. Low zinc levels in the soil can increase vulnerability to root diseases such as phytophthora.
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