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Tri-Phite® 0-29-26

Liquid phosphorus acid fertilizer

Tri-Phite® 0-29-26 is a high-analysis, water-soluble phosphorus acid liquid fertilizer that supplements a balanced fertility program. Plants rapidly uptake the phosphite ions in Tri-Phite® 0-29-26, which may undergo a degree of conversion to phosphate ions or may be used directly by plants as phosphite ions.

  • Contains 29% of 100% phosphoric acid
  • Rapidly absorbed into plant tissue through leaves and roots
  • Boosts plant immune system

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 275-gallon totes and bulk truckloads.

Product Type
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Crop Nutrition
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Application Type
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Product Line
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Application Details

Tri-Phite® 0-29-26 is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and pesticides. It may be applied using a variety of agricultural application equipment and techniques and is recommended for soil and foliar applications.

Nutrient Function

Phosphorus Icon
Phosphorus is required for adequate cell membrane function and is crucial for a plant’s metabolic processes, including root and vegetative growth, flowering, and seed production.
Potassium Icon
Potassium is critical for cell wall water balance regulation and sugar production and transportation within the plant. Adequate potassium levels support pest and disease tolerance by enhancing stem strength.
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