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POWER-BOR 17 Powder

Dry soluble boric acid fertilizer

POWER-BOR 17 Powder is a dry soluble formulation of boric acid. (Two Rivers Terminal)

  • Economical fertilizer option
  • Soluble and plant-available formulation
  • Low heavy-metals formulation
  • Can be used in spray tanks or soil-applied
  • OMRI Listed®

Packaging Options
Available in 50-pound and 1-ton bags.

Product Type
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Crop Nutrition
Application Type
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Product Line
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Application Details

POWER-BOR 17 Powder may be applied by soil application.

Nutrient Function

Boron Icon
Boron is a micronutrient essential for nucleic acid production and plant hormone regulation. It helps maintain plant membrane structural integrity and is critical for sugar translocation, pollination and seed set. Boron also helps facilitate calcium uptake and movement in the plant.
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