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Next Gear 2-13-17

Increased plant uptake with lower salt formulation

Next Gear is Mar Vista’s take on a revamped 3-18-18. While lower in analysis than 3-18-18, Next Gear includes a potassium source blended with potassium acetate for increased plant uptake and offers a lower salt formulation. Next Gear includes GreenFurrow® Organics Nutri-Drive®, which increases uptake efficiency and nutrient mobility within the plant.

  • Enhanced nutrient uptake and mobility
  • Potassium acetate allows for increased uptake
  • Foliar and soil application
  • Replaces 3-18-18 in the fertility program
  • More efficient and lower salt formulation than 3-18-18
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Crop Nutrition
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Enhanced Products
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Application Details

Packaging Options: 2.5-gallon jug, 275-gallon totes and bulk volumes

Nutrient Function

Nitrogen Icon
Nitrogen is the main plant protein component and is needed in large quantities for healthy plant growth. Nitrogen deficiency can lead to root disease, reduced photosynthesis, stunted plants and reduced crop yield, while sufficient nitrogen can increase tolerance to early-season soil diseases.
Phosphorus Icon
Phosphorus is required for adequate cell membrane function and is crucial for a plant’s metabolic processes, including root and vegetative growth, flowering, and seed production.
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