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GreenFurrow® Organics VistaSil® 100

Silicone surfactant

GreenFurrow® Organics VistaSil® 100 is an organosilicone-based super-spreader designed specifically for use with contact and systemic crop protection products. It delivers super-spreading properties on plant foliage and improves spray droplet retention and deposition on all plant surfaces.

  • Improves spray coverage, including hard-to-wet foliage
  • Improves chemical deposition and retention on the plant
  • Reduces drift potential to keep more active ingredients on target
  • Improves disease and pest control potential due to better spray coverage
  • Reduces spray water volumes per acre
  • Useful for low-volume spraying and aerial applications where water coverage is a limiting factor
  • OMRI Listed®

Packaging Options
Available in 1-gallon jugs.

Product Type
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Adjuvant and Oils
Application Type
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Application Details

Always follow the pesticide manufacturer’s label for the use of nonionic surfactants. Where no recommendation is given, and the addition of a nonionic surfactant is permitted, use GreenFurrow® Organics VistaSil® 100 between 0.025% and 0.1% (3.2-13 fl. Oz. per 100 gallons) for ground applications and between 0.05% and 0.15% (12-19 fl. Oz. per 100 gallons) for aerial sprays.

Nutrient Function

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