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FertiClear®Slo-N™️ 30-0-0

Slow-release liquid nitrogen fertilizer

FertiClear® Slo-N™️ 30-0-0 is a clear liquid nitrogen fertilizer that derives its slow-release properties from triazone nitrogen and methylene urea. It can be applied to row crops, turf, vegetable and fruit plants. FertiClear® Slo-N™️ can be blended with most phosphorus, potassium and sulfur sources, but only to their solubility thresholds.

  • Ideal for drip irrigation systems
  • Slow-release nitrogen to optimize nutrient availability to the plant over time

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 275-gallon totes or bulk volumes.

Product Type
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Crop Nutrition
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Application Details

FertiClear® Slo-N™️ 30-0-0 fertilizer may be applied pre-plant, as a starter, side-dressed, fertigated via drip and micro-sprinkler systems, top-dressed, or banded to the soil. It may also be applied via foliar application.

Nutrient Function

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Nitrogen is the main plant protein component and is needed in large quantities for healthy plant growth. Nitrogen deficiency can lead to root disease, reduced photosynthesis, stunted plants and reduced crop yield, while sufficient nitrogen can increase tolerance to early-season soil diseases.
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