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Activator, deposition aid and spreader

Egress® is a blend of modified vegetable seed oil and nonionic surfactants. It is formulated to increase pesticides’ deposition and surface activity on the target crop, improving the absorption and translocation of active ingredients in the plant. Egress® is compatible with water-soluble and water-insoluble agrochemicals.

  • Compatible with translaminar pesticide formulations
  • Formulated to improve spray deposition and surface activation
  • Improves distribution, spreading and absorption of pesticides
  • Safe for crop foliage

Packaging Options
Available in 2.5-gallon jugs and 275-gallon totes

Product Type
Adjuvant and Oils Icon
Adjuvant and Oils
Application Type
Foliar Icon
Product Line
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Application Details

Egress® may be applied by air or ground spray equipment. It may be used in applications that recommend nonionic adjuvants, methylated seed oils, crop oil concentrates, esterified seed oils and spreader stickers on all food, turf and ornamental crops.

Nutrient Function

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