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AcidiGrow® 0-20-6+MM

Fully complexed micronutrients solution

AcidiGrow® formulations are low pH, low salt index, clear liquid solutions ideal for high pH soils where nutrient tie-up is a concern. The low pH supports consistent nutrient availability for fertigation applications, and all phosphate is in the orthophosphate form for compatibility with hard water sources. AcidiGrow 0-20-6 plus MultiMix contains fully complexed micronutrients to enhance nutrient availability and plant uptake.

  • Value-added fertilizer for lowering soil solution pH
  • Low pH solution improves micronutrient availability and plant uptake
  • Useful for removing mineral deposits in irrigation systems
  • Fully complexed micronutrient package
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Application Details

Packaging Options: Bulk and 275-gallon totes

Nutrient Function

Phosphorus Icon
Phosphorus is required for adequate cell membrane function and is crucial for a plant’s metabolic processes, including root and vegetative growth, flowering, and seed production.
Potassium Icon
Potassium is critical for cell wall water balance regulation and sugar production and transportation within the plant. Adequate potassium levels support pest and disease tolerance by enhancing stem strength.
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