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GreenFurrow® Organics EF 300


GreenFurrow® Organics EF 300 is an all-purpose organic contact insecticide and miticide preventative agent. It is effective against all stages of insect development, from egg to adult.

  • Contains 5.4% rosemary, 5.2% sesame, 4.5% peppermint oil, 3.7% thyme, 3.5% cottonseed oil and 3.5% cinnamon
  • Helps control ants, aphids, armyworms, fruit flies, grape leafhopper, pear psylla, potato psyllid, asian citrus psyllid, strawberry spider mite, citrus rust mite, pink citrus rust mite, citrus red mite, spider mite, two-spotted spider mite, six-spotted mite, gnats, grape leaf skeletonizer, green peach aphid, greenhouse thrips, leafhopper, leaf miner, leaf mealy bug, sunflower midge, potato leafhopper, slugs, and whitefly.

Packaging Options
Available in 1-gallon jugs and 2.5-gallon jugs.

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Crop Protection
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Application Details

GreenFurrow® Organics EF 300 can be applied to foliage by aerial or ground equipment.

Nutrient Function

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